All Time Greatest Male Tennis Players

Tennis is one of the most popular sports and commonly famous as the game of rich people is an Olympic sport played at all stages both individually and now in a pair of two most famous as doubles.

Different players governed in the tennis at different times. In this post, we are going to convey you about the greatest players of the game.  Here is our list of top 4 Greatest Male Tennis players of all time.

  1. Roger Federer:

One of most motivating athlete: The Swiss star grips the no 1 place in the list of top 4 players because of his brilliance during play and before and after play. No one dares to conversation about his status in the game of tennis for the reason that he gained 17 Grand Slam titles, which is the key occasion of this sport. Besides his winning titles, he also grips the record to play 36 quarterfinals of Grand Slam.

All the club players have a dream to performance like him although he looks many injuries during his profession he is the one and only who merit the 1st position. Federer is not only instant but clever as well so he identifies what his challenger thinks about him and his shots for the duration of the match

  1. Rafael Nadal

After Federer the most amazing player in Tennis is the great Rafael Nadal, he is the only man who has the capability to beat Federer in one on one match. He has 8 French Open titles to his name this illustration his brilliance as the greatest player of the mud ever born in the history.

He has verified himself to be the best player by improving his game and struggling for every single point on the court. This superiority allows Nadal to win titles on any ground surface and in contradiction of any great player.

  1. Pete Sampras:

Pete Sampras is the Californian player who gains 14 Grand Slam trophies the only man who beat him is the great Federer. He also grips the record for being placed as the best player for more than 286 weeks. He also won 7 Wimbledon titles and was famous as a winning machine. He was well known for his work both as a first serve and as a second serve and very rare players are famous for blocking his serve.

  1. Rod Laver:

Being on the list of top 4 Tennis players he is well-known for his master class and He gained the Grand Slam in 1962 after then he go towards efficiency and remained unknown for more than 6 years and the again approached into the battle with his class and excellence and in 1968 he turns out to be the highest player to gain the Wimbledon and in the same calendar year he earned the Grand Slam and he attained total of 17 titles to his name and become the chief player of that time.

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